RADIESSENCE is a quick and easy makeup that yields a soft, smooth and younger looking skin. Enjoy a natural radiance that lasts all day long.


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NZ$6.00 (inc GST)

Instant Self Tanning Mousse Instant Self Tanning Mousse Shades

Instant Self Tanning Mousse

RADIESSENCE Instant Self Tanning Mousse – the next generation in tanning technology for a perfect all-over professional tan. RADIESSENCE Instant Self Tanning Mousse has been formulated with revolutionary plant extracts to revive the skin with an instant natural looking tan that lasts for up to 7 days. Complement with RADIESSENCE Foundations and Pressed Powder Mineral Bronzers for an incredible no make up look. Apply using the Tanning Applicator Pack or the Quick Tan Microfibre Application Towels.

Size: 150ml Tanning Mousse

NZ$49.90 (inc GST)

Tanning Applicator Pack

Tanning Applicator Pack

The RADIESSENCE Tanning Applicator Pack contains all you need to achieve a flawless Instant Tan! The Exfoliating Cloth for face and body removes excess oils, dead skin and makeup without harming the skin – leaving the skin smooth, healthy and younger looking when used regularly. This creates the perfect base for applying RADIESSENCE Instant Self Tanning Mousse. To create your natural, professional looking tan, use the RADIESSENCE Tanning Applicator. Great for hard to reach places, the RADIESSENCE Tanning Applicator helps you keep your hands stain free and create a professional no-makeup look.

The Tanning Applicator Pack contains 1x Tanning Applicator, 1x Exfoliating Cloth, 1x Tanning Applicator Pad, and 1x Sponge for facial application.

NZ$16.00 (inc GST)

Quick Tan Microfibre Application Towel

Quick Tan Microfibre Application Towel

The RADIESSENCE Quick Tan Microfibre Application Towel is made of a special grade microfiber for applying the RADIESSENCE Instant Tanning Mousse to achieve a quick, easy, no mess, even tan. The handy size ensures you have good hold on the towel for complete ease of use and full body coverage from the face to the feet.

The RADIESSENCE Quick Tan Microfibre Application Towel comes with one pair of gloves.

NZ$14.00 (inc GST)

Makeup and Tan Remover

Makeup and Tan Remover

RADIESSENCE Makeup and Tan Remover is the natural, effective and gentle way to cleanse the skin from makeup and tanning products, while leaving the skin toned. Especially formulated alcohol free for use on sensitive skin, RADIESSENCE Makeup and Tan Remover is effective for all body cleansing and toning.

This alcohol free product combines the anti-bacterial, cleansing and antiseptic properties of tea tree oil, the soothing properties of aloe vera and the skin firming properties of witch hazel to provide a deep cleansing and toning of the skin.

Size: 125 ml

NZ$19.90 (inc GST)

Pre Tan Moisturiser and Tan Extender

Pre Tan Moisturiser and Tan Extender

RADIESSENCE Pre Tan Moisturiser and Tan Extender is pH balanced with plant derived glycerine, Vitamin E and DHA to provide the skin ultimate hydration, a bronzed natural colour and sheen. The ingredients are compatible with RADIESSENCE Tanning Solution and Instant Self-Tanning Mousse to achieve a natural bronze tanned look. It is specially formulated to moisturise the skin before tanning ensuring a flawless streak free finish especially on dry areas like the hands, knees, feet and elbows. It also has a dual purpose of working as a tan extender when used on the skin after tanning as it has DHA to extend the life of the tan. Packed with natural fruit extracts and Vitamin E (a natural antioxidant), this formulation when combined with the RADIESSENCE Tanning Solution or Tanning Mousse delivers a vibrant natural bronze colour and longer lasting tanning result on all skin types. It can be used on olive to darker skin tones on its own as it will give the skin a smooth, natural bronzed look with a sheen.

Size: 125ml Pre Tan Moisturiser and Tan Extender

NZ$19.90 (inc GST)

Microfibre Exfoliating Cloth

Microfibre Exfoliating Cloth

The ultimate exfoliating washcloth for face and body. Use with the RADIESSENCE Makeup and Tan Remover to remove makeup and residual tan or in the shower as an all body exfoliating cloth. This duo pack has a small wash cloth for the face and a larger wash cloth for the body. Each wash cloth can be reused up to 60 times.

NZ$11.90 (inc GST)


""There are so many reasons why I love using the RADIESSENCE range of products in my salon. The spray tan is a beautiful colour, it smells delicious and application is easy so I have confidence that I can obtain an even, perfect tan every time. It has a thicker consistency to others that I've used so I find I can use less, which is very cost effective. Clients have all commented on how natural the colour is and are impressed with how long the tan lasts. The mousse is perfect for clients who only want specific areas tanned. It is so easy to apply and a great look is obtained instantly. The Makeup range is so popular and virtually sells itself. The products create a great look at a great price which makes clients very happy. I am very pleased with my RADIESSENCE Range."

- Andrea

"As a new user of RADIESSENCE I have been delighted how it makes my skin look. Being of a mature age of 66yrs and having fine lines and some wrinkles, it is hard to know what products to use so that they enhance ones appearance rather than looking caked with foundation. RADIESSENCE has done that for me, it is so easy to apply and I noticed that it actually made my fine lines disappear, with the dusting powder to seal I have been thrilled with the results, also have had some compliments on how my skin looks. Well done RADIESSENCE, finally I have found a products that gives me confidence."

- Barbara, Auckland, New Zealand

"These are great buys for busy women, they add a definite touch of glam to this Mum's day and make me feel like a million bucks when I am using them."

- Paula Bannister, coffeegroup.org

"I'm loving this foundation at the moment. Not only is the formula super lightweight, but it also works as a concealer to give a flawless complexion without the need for lots of product."

- Gemma Finlay, nzgirl.co.nz

"Dress for Success Northland is very grateful to be able to offer their clients RADIESSENCE products as part of their transformation programme to ensure they are fully prepared and looking especially beautiful for their job interview. RADIESSENCE is the 'final touch' adding a healthy glow to our clients 'look'."

"On a Personal basis I use RADIESSENCE products and especially love the foundation. No matter how I feel when I put RADIESSENCE on my face I know I am going to be complimented on how well I look. This is the pick me up I need on those 'somewhat challenging' mornings. It is wonderful, I do not have to reapply during the day - right through to my business meetings in the evening I know I can still maintain my 'glow'."

- Diana Edmonds, Executive Manager
Dress for Success Northland Inc.

"I am very fair, and have always struggled to achieve a natural slightly tanned look - mostly I ended up looking orange, so I gave up wearing bronzer at all. A friend suggested I try RADIESSENCE, and I have been using it now for years. The product is always consistent, and I feel that RADIESSENCE is possibly the best bronzer for fair skin on the market."

- Kaaren Batchelor

"Hey there - I'm Cari from Sirocco Hair & Beauty. Just had to share our results with you about how RADIESSENCE performed over the recent mad Ball season. In a word: spectacular! I honestly had no idea when we went to trial it that we would have this much success with one very tight, simple range. We all know the award-winning bronzer but our particular star product is actually the AMAZING Invisible Finish cream foundation.

"Invisible Finish has become the absolute go-to foundation for almost all of the special occasion make-up work we do now. It holds its perfect velvety finish extremely well under lights for photographic work and when the skin has been correctly prepped and cleaned, it does not move around and slide off. It works well with the RADIESSENCE Bronzers and I have not had any issues with sensitivities or flare-ups etc, which I have encountered with other brands (both high and low-end)."

- Cari Bee, Sirocco Hair & Beauty

"I have been using RADIESSENCE for several years now and I wouldn't use any other makeup product. I like the way RADIESSENCE doesn't clog up the pores like I have found with other products I have used in the past. Several of my friends have commented on how good my makeup looks and when I tell them that it is RADIESSENCE and it is quick and easy to apply, they are amazed. I love it and recommend other girls (and that includes old girls like me) to try it out."

- Bron, Christchurch, New Zealand

"I do indeed have a healthy glow about me."

- Megan, thread.co.nz

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