“There are so many reasons why I love using the RADIESSENCE range of products in my salon. The spray tan is a beautiful colour, it smells delicious and application is so easy I have confidence that I can obtain an even, perfect tan every time. It has a thicker consistency to others that I’ve used so I find I can use less, which is very cost effective. Clients have all commented on how natural the colour is and how long the tan lasts. The mousse is perfect for clients who only want specific areas tanned. It is so easy to apply and a great look is obtained instantly. The Makeup range is so popular and virtually sells itself. The products create a great look at a great price which makes clients very happy. I am very pleased with my RADIESSENCE range.”

– Andrea Running, Beauty Therapist, Tauranga

“I am using both RADIESSENCE Spray Tan Solution and RADIESSENCE Tanning Foam in my salon. Most of my waxing clients now utilise the wax and tan option on a regular basis.They rave about the rich chocolate colour and pleasant smell. While also at home find it an easy pleasant treatment to maintain their colour themselves. As a spray tan solution the product goes a long way and always delivers a great lasting colour. I am proud to be using such a superior New Zealand made product.”

– Jo Murray, Owner/Operator, Ooh La La Beauty Retreat

“At Star Beauty our therapists trust and enjoy using RADIESSENCE Tanning Mousse because of it’s fast and easy application. Using the quick tanning towel with the tanning mousse guarantees an even non-streak finish.

“Our clients feel warm and comfortable through out their tanning treatment because they are covered with a towel and each body area is exposed as needed, opposed to standing partially naked and having cold tanning mist sprayed onto them.

“Our clients are dry within 5 minutes of the application and able to put their clothes on comfortably without feeling sticky.

“Our clients are always happy with the 2 colours RADIESSENCE has to offer, not to mention the tan extender which proves great for dry areas. The RADIESSENCE tanning mousse on its own leaves the skin supple and moisturised.

“Finally, RADIESSENCE tanning mousse fades naturally and evenly without a patchy look.”

– Alex & Jody, Star Beauty Salon

“I love RADIESSENCE – its all I use! Everyone loves the natural look and RADIESSENCE is all you need!”

– La Tessa Crowsen

“The Bronzer has been really handy for quick touch ups when you’re out, handy to slip into your purse. You don’t really need to use a lot of foundation – if you do it appears quite glamourous looking”

– Tania Gardham

“I’ve tried everything in the book from thin lizzy, sheer cover, loreal, bobbi brown and the list goes on. I suffer from severe Excema, my skin is fragile. Well, my girlfriend introduced me to RADIESSENCE last year and I’ve never looked back – I recommend it to everyone that compliments my flawless complexion and I feel very confident in my skin.”

– Moke Butler