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“Hi, we’re Alex and Jody from Star Beauty Salon in Wellington. We wanted to share with you our secret weapon against redness, freckles, age spots and dark circles under the eyes… its RADIESSENCE! We wear RADIESSENCE daily at our beauty salon and also stock it. After just ONE application of RADIESSENCE our clients love the flawless coverage! The AMAZING staying power of the Invisible Finish Foundation is incredible, apply just once in the morning and you are good to go – a must have for your beauty bag! On top of that the bronzers are beautiful. The Loose Powder Body Bronzing Powder is an absolute fave for the neckline, decolletage and adding extra colour to legs and arms – perfect for balls, weddings, or with an evening out.

“Just when we thought RADIESSENCE Invisible Finish Foundation couldn’t get any better they brought out their fantastic Blending Sponge. As beauticians we have used airbrush make up and we have to say that when the RADIESSENCE foundation is applied with the Blending Sponge you get an airbrushed finish which is second to none. With the SPF 30 it’s great protection from damaging UV rays. For our clients who don’t want to wear much make up they STILL love RADIESSENCE because they can just apply it to their high-coloured areas to cover rosy cheeks, broken capillaries and age spots. It blends so well without anyone knowing only part of their face is covered – an easy natural look if desired.

“We also use RADIESSENCE Tanning Mousse for our Beauty Salon tanning treatments. It’s so easy to use with the RADIESSENCE Quick Tan Application Towel that anyone can tan themselves easily at home. RADIESSENCE Tanning Mousse comes in two beautiful colours – both proving popular with our clients, Natural Bronze for lighter skin tones and Chocolate Brown for medium to darker skin tones, both look great and have a gorgeous natural tan colour. Say goodbye to hours and hours of sticky residue on the skin whilst you wait for your tan to develop. The RADIESSENCE Tanning Mousse has a mild pleasant fragrance, is touch dry in as little as 5 minutes and fully develops in 4-6 hours, it leaves your skin moisturised and silky-smooth to touch. RADIESSENCE Tanning Mousse is another 5 star amazing product and we love it.”

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    Recent Q and A


    Renuka asked:
    “I have facial hair on my chin and I tweeze it as much as possible. Its kind of like acne with hair inside it but its only on the chin and a little around the chin. Please let me know what I should do.”


    I would seriously consider using an exfoliant on your face to sloth away dead skin and allow the skin to rejuvenate faster. Keep up your cleansing, toning and moisturiser.


    Naomi asked:
    “I’m Sri lankan so I have fairly dark skin. Would RADIESSENCE work for me? I can send you a picture of me. I can never find the right shade of foundation. Hope you can help.”


    We love the dark shade No 3 on Sri Lankan skin tone. Its perfect. Start evening out the skin tone and use sparingly to cover dark circles under eyes.


    Deirdre asked:
    “Which RADIESSENCE product would suit my 15 yr old daughter? She is very china doll fair in complexion with the true irish red hair. She is wanting to soften the freckles, but at the same time not irritate the pimple breakouts :-)”


    I know how difficult it is to find a colour to suit your daughters’ skin tone as I had exactly the same skin. Red hair and freckles. Although you don’t want to cover up the freckles as they are part of who she is, it is quite OK to use RADIESSENCE Invisible Finish Foundation Light and even-out the skin tone and cover any blemishes.


    Gabriella asked:
    “I was wondering if this is ok for young girls to wear?”


    Yes, it’s perfect to wear applied lightly. You don’t need a lot, use
    sparingly to give you an even coverage and mask any pimples. That way it lasts


    Michelle asked:
    “I have such pale fair skin (being English and all!!) and find that it is very hard to find foundations and / or concealers etc that don’t look unnatural on me? Would the radiessence products be an option for me or could you advise any other tips and tricks that can help me?”


    The Invisible Finish Foundation colour light would be perfect for your skin tone. It has been designed to cater for very pale english rose complexions and is great for very fine skin that shows through veins and gives great cover for pale freckly skin. Use sparingly to begin with, using the makeup sponge gently pat the foundation into the skin starting from the hairline across the cheeks, down the nose, around the mouth and onto the jaw. Take the foundation down and around your jawline to blend well and match up with your neck. Once you have the desired coverage dust over lightly with a blush brush our RADIESSENCE Bronzer to add warmth and a healthy glow to your face.


    Kim asked:
    “I am just wondering do I need to put moisturiser on my face before applying the foundation and bronzer?”


    It’s best to moisturise your face after a shower in the morning to hydrate your skin and protect it from the sun even though our RADIESSENCE foundation contains an SPF 30 sun protection. This will stop the foundation grabbing onto any dry skin you may have and give you a smooth finish.


    Kaaren asked:
    “When I am using my RADIESSENCE foundation, I find it has a slight ‘greasy’ feel to it after a while – I don’t want to use the bronzer all over as I think it will make me look too dark, but what else can I do to take away the greasies?”


    It’s quite normal for your facial skin to feel quite greasy after a while and instead of reapplying the bronzer I suggest you blot your face with a tissue or blotting paper containing a light layer of translucent powder specifically designed for women who have slightly oily skin. You can purchase these at your local pharmacy.


    "Hey there - I'm Cari from Sirocco Hair & Beauty. Just had to share our results with you about how RADIESSENCE performed over the recent mad Ball season. In a word: spectacular! I honestly had no idea when we went to trial it that we would have this much success with one very tight, simple range. We all know the award-winning bronzer but our particular star product is actually the AMAZING Invisible Finish cream foundation.

    "Invisible Finish has become the absolute go-to foundation for almost all of the special occasion make-up work we do now. It holds its perfect velvety finish extremely well under lights for photographic work and when the skin has been correctly prepped and cleaned, it does not move around and slide off. It works well with the RADIESSENCE Bronzers and I have not had any issues with sensitivities or flare-ups etc, which I have encountered with other brands (both high and low-end)."

    - Cari Bee, Sirocco Hair & Beauty

    "As a new user of RADIESSENCE I have been delighted how it makes my skin look. Being of a mature age of 66yrs and having fine lines and some wrinkles, it is hard to know what products to use so that they enhance ones appearance rather than looking caked with foundation. RADIESSENCE has done that for me, it is so easy to apply and I noticed that it actually made my fine lines disappear, with the dusting powder to seal I have been thrilled with the results, also have had some compliments on how my skin looks. Well done RADIESSENCE, finally I have found a products that gives me confidence."

    - Barbara, Auckland, New Zealand

    "These are great buys for busy women, they add a definite touch of glam to this Mum's day and make me feel like a million bucks when I am using them."

    - Paula Bannister,

    "I'm loving this foundation at the moment. Not only is the formula super lightweight, but it also works as a concealer to give a flawless complexion without the need for lots of product."

    - Gemma Finlay,

    "I do indeed have a healthy glow about me."

    - Megan,

    "I have been using RADIESSENCE for several years now and I wouldn't use any other makeup product. I like the way RADIESSENCE doesn't clog up the pores like I have found with other products I have used in the past. Several of my friends have commented on how good my makeup looks and when I tell them that it is RADIESSENCE and it is quick and easy to apply, they are amazed. I love it and recommend other girls (and that includes old girls like me) to try it out."

    - Bron, Christchurch, New Zealand

    "Dress for Success Northland is very grateful to be able to offer their clients RADIESSENCE products as part of their transformation programme to ensure they are fully prepared and looking especially beautiful for their job interview. RADIESSENCE is the 'final touch' adding a healthy glow to our clients 'look'."

    "On a Personal basis I use RADIESSENCE products and especially love the foundation. No matter how I feel when I put RADIESSENCE on my face I know I am going to be complimented on how well I look. This is the pick me up I need on those 'somewhat challenging' mornings. It is wonderful, I do not have to reapply during the day - right through to my business meetings in the evening I know I can still maintain my 'glow'."

    - Diana Edmonds, Executive Manager
    Dress for Success Northland Inc.

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