Steve Voisey will be in Napier / Hastings showing teachers and office staff Google tips and tricks in April!

FIRSTSTEPS With Google Apps is a hands-on beginners course designed specifically for primary and secondary school teachers that have started, or are about to start using Google Apps for Education. There is also a special session for Office staff – because they don’t get nearly enough love ?

Google Classroom is a Google App that creates an online space for teachers and students. It allows teachers to assign work to students, which the teachers can automatically see – no sharing required! Teachers who wish to do NEXTSTEPS with Google Classroom need to have had Google Apps for about a year and completed FIRSTSTEPS with Google Apps. This is by far our most popular course, so book early.

Blogger is part of the Google Apps toolkit. Publishing blogs is a great way to get students and teachers reflecting on learning and reaching an authentic audience for feedback. It’s a more natural way to share to the internet than just using a public Google Doc or using a LMS or Google Sites. Your own school context might mean you have other reasons to want to consider blogging.